Création de plateforme Consultants Freelance

Je lance cet appel aux consultants freelance désireux de créer un groupement d’intérêt et de partenariat Les objectifs  visés sont : Réunir des consultants de diverses spécialitésOffrir aux clients une prestation multidisciplinaire Mutualiser les ressourcesConjuguer les actions marketing Et à moyen terme créer une plateforme différenciée vocation africaine  rassemblant tous les membres Les intéressés s’engagent à … Lire la suite Création de plateforme Consultants Freelance


Word of the Day : SCM- Bullwhip effect

History: During the 1910s, the variance fluctuations have been documented between P&G and its suppliers.In 1961, Forrester formalized the variance amplification and then the data published (Sterman1989) highlighted the output of this cause is known as ”irrational behavior” when players overlook the inventory-on-order. Lee and Whnak brought the term “Bullwhip” to the academic attention.What is theBullwhip Effect?The term was borrowed from physics involved in cracking the whip where a small move generates an increase and amplification.In the Supply Chain, the term describes the impact of small fluctuations in demand and its amplification as soon as we move backward in the chain, whole house, distributor, manufacturer, and … Lire la suite Word of the Day : SCM- Bullwhip effect

Word od the day-SCM: Cost-to-serve

Fixing the sales price is not an easy issue and requires a trade-off between customer’s satisfaction and a profitable overall margin. The selling price has to be competitive, reflecting the product quality and granting profitable transactions. Maintaining the competitive price passes through the management of the cost and working on the basis of the average … Lire la suite Word od the day-SCM: Cost-to-serve

Le client est-il au centre des préoccupations de nos entreprises ?

  Au cours du diner avec un ami Anglais la semaine dernière, j’ai été temoin de sa  colere a l’encontre d’une societe Marocaine , d’ailleurs de notoriété, qui n’a pas daigne donner de suite a sa réclmation ainsi que ses relances. Sa culture Anglo-saxonne et son pouvoir de « clients » ne pouvait s’accommoder  de cette insolence. … Lire la suite Le client est-il au centre des préoccupations de nos entreprises ?

Word of the Day – SCM: ABC Method

ABC: Always best control Origin: The method found its origin with Pareto principle, born in France 1848 ABC inventory method: also known as selective inventory The method is based on Pareto's law The method divides items into categories on values of usage. Items of highest dollar volume are tracked more closely than those with a … Lire la suite Word of the Day – SCM: ABC Method

Word of the Day – SCM: Consignee

Consignee: Noun: A person or a party to whom something, usually merchandise is consigned Origin: 1400-1450-Latin to mock a seal co-sign Consignee: The party to whom goods are The receiver of freight manifest. It’s the party named by consignor/shipper in transport document as the party to whose order a consignment will be delivered at the … Lire la suite Word of the Day – SCM: Consignee

Loyalty, claims management and profitability

The organizations seek customer loyalty. A Huge amount is invested to grant it as loyalty is the reward of the product/service quality and the expression of customers satisfaction. Customer loyalty may be defined by the ongoing basis transactions and the manifestation of advocacy behavior despite occasional dissatisfaction. It’s well known that The loyal customers are … Lire la suite Loyalty, claims management and profitability

Five tips to promote your book with zero budget

Once you finish your book, it’s legitimate to look for its promotion. You will start googling to get tips and the best way to promote it. Most websites will give you seven to ten tips and they will redirect you to the best books to buy to grant the promotion of your book. In fact, … Lire la suite Five tips to promote your book with zero budget

Competitive pricing: (Courtesy from Zenith Strategies)

Pricing is a crucial decision process to grant the success of a business. The price is the appropriate weapon to get business sustainability. Failing to match the optimal price may create a huge handicap of the business ability to prosper. The price is also a strategic lever to use on the competitive strategy to prevent … Lire la suite Competitive pricing: (Courtesy from Zenith Strategies)